Does Everyclick charge any fees?

The fees deducted from payments to your charity vary depending upon how the funds are raised and whether you have signed a compliance agreement with Everyclick.

  1. Credit/ Debit card donations - Maximum 4.8% fee charge by our payment partner Technology Trust
  2. Sponsorship - Maximum 4.8% fee including card fees
  3. Gift Aid - 3% disbursement charge only
  4. Give as you Live™ - 0% 
  5. Search Revenue - 0% 
  6. In store Cards - 0%

We do not charge any set up or monthly fees and funds raised are disbursed monthly.

Fees Table for Credit and Debit card Payments only

  Everyclick Virgin JustGiving
Setup fees None £150 plus VAT free, £15 or £39 a month
Other ways to fundraise Give as you Live and Search None Just Text Giving
Donation £10.00 £10.00 £10.00
Gift Aid supplement £2.50 £2.50 £2.50
Transaction fee £0.56 £0.20 £0.63
Card handling fee n/a £0.15 £0.13
Total fees £0.56 £0.35 £0.76
Your charity gets £11.94 £12.15 £11.74

All fees are based upon a comparison with a transaction with a Visa Debit Card. All cards fees with Everyclick are included within the flat transaction fee.

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